Hello Synthernet!?

What happened?

June 25th I released a video where I declared I was a tiny bit tired of the mechanics surrounding YouTube. Imagine the irony of that video being unusually much watched and definitely commented more than most of my recent releases.

  1. People seems to enjoy the meta level type of video that I was trying to get away from.

  2. A lot of people showed what seemed to be honest appreciation for my work.

I never intended to dissipate from earth or never ever create any more. But the response to said video gave some fuel to re-think my strategies.

Where am I now?

I need to create. I’m constantly coming up with and processing new ideas. I need an outlet. Working in the intersection of electronic music, photography and videography - a video platform is not that stupid. But even though one can present both audio and photos, neither is at its best shoved into 1080p and optimized for moving images.

Enter CabCurio.com - the website. A hub where I can publish my work and be in dialogue with people who are also interested in the amalgamation of synths, sequencers, cameras as well as DAWs, photo- and video editing.

I’ll create as I have been my whole life. I’ll focus my content production on themes and explorations that are personal and close to myself. i’ll focus less on the meta level, even though I have some idea of how I might capture the whole workflow, this-is-how-I-go-about-creating or tutorial approach (actually inspired by a comment by Chris Andersson (thanks!) in that Goodbye video).

You’re early to the party!

Since you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re on board early. Cool. The site is technically finished. And I think the framework is in place - but naturally not much content. Even some dummy content left back for me to experiment with. I’m sure you understand!

I don’t know if people still follow blogs through RSS. But if were one who wanted to keep track of myself - I’d keep an eye on Instagram. That’ll be the spot for most frequent stuff and also heads-up when work is out on YouTube, Vimeo or Spotify.