Deep Forest Bus Stop

I’ll just lay here. Have a nap until sun sets. Back against a plywood bench. The deep forest smells of moist moss. Of bright green pine needles. Of ants and fungi.

Modulated dreams transcend the early summer warmth. The night is as close to never-ending as can be. A low frequency rumble intersects my dreams. Rattles my unconscious body. The morning bus passes. I sleep.


The early morning light didn’t really reach into the secluded bus stop. I’m sure the eyes peeping behind curtains in the neighbouring wooden houses, were wondering what the jumping dork was up to. Camera on tripod; Trying to capture that weightless moment in time.

Doing some Photoshop work to separate layers and re-doing the bus stop graffiti. And then. Doing the heavy lifting in After Effects - setting up image layers in 3D-space, moving camera, Tuna-the-Cat-beat-matched-laser™. A wise person once said: Avoid AE as far as possible. Hmmm. At least I saved the color grading for Premiere Pro.

Oh, yeah. I made some music too. Using the modular synth depicted.

In frame

Tiny Forested Area
Intellijel Performance Case
Tuna the Cat